My Books

Finally making my first hardcopy edition of my book available. I had previously published a series of Apple iBooks and worked to combine those efforts into a single and easy to understand guide created to help young teens and even a young adult on how to navigate the world when they’re feeling not so sure how.

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Available as a Hardcopy or PDF.

I have made this available through my publisher at and you can purchase either the hardcopy version (glossy magazine format) or as a PDF!

These candid guides were written for students and young adults.  Parents and counselors will also find them helpful as tools for bridging that wide gap between us in the adult world to those just starting out in life.

I believe there is a benefit in speaking the truth. The sooner teens and inexperienced adults learn the consequences, rewards and reality of life, the better choices they can make today.

These books are still available on the iBooks store for a quick download.

School really is your first job!
Treating school like your first job!
Teens and Substance Abuse
Explaining the consequences of substance abuse!
Teens and Money
Tips for making and spending money!