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Resources for parents and organizations working with teens and young adults
So many questions… where to get help…how to start!

Substances like alcohol, prescription drugs and illegal drugs are a constant temptation for many  teens and adults. While national statistics show a decline in much of their use and abuse in todays world… that doesn’t make it any better for those lives it does touch.

I’ve come across some great resources from and the Partnership for Drug-Free kids.  These resources are available to parents and counselors.   A great start to figure out what needs to be done, and sometimes that can mean saving a life.

parents drug guide
A chart listing various drugs and their effects

A drug guide created for parents. This chart list common street names and pictures of many illegal drugs and their effects. A great and easy to understand resource for parents.

prescription drug guide for parents
Dangers from prescription medications

Prescription medications and over-the-counter medications are in every household and unfortunately easily misused. This helpful guide can inform you of some of their most common dangers. A great resource for parents introducing the dangers of those prescription drugs already inside of your house.

new drug trends for parents to watch out for
A guide for parents

With easy access to online stores, many teenagers and young adults are now ordering synthetic based substances that are easily and legally obtained over the internet as substitutes for more common illegal drugs.  This type of drug use has proven to be very dangerous and easy to miss until it’s too late. This is another important resource for parents.

Once you suspect your daughter or son may have a substance abuse problem, seeking help can be difficult.  There are many agencies and organizations out there to help.  Knowing where to find them or how to proceed can become it’s own set of problems.

These 2 free ebooks from drug are free to download and can get you the help you need. They are easy to follow and offer sound guidance during a moment of crisis.

drug intervention guide book for parents
Intervention guide for help
drug treatment guide book for parents
Treatment recommendations

resource for parents

Helpful advice on Substance Abuse.

Recovery Village offers Rehab programs for those challenged by the grip of substance abuse and dealing with co-occurring mental health disorders. With 2 facilities located in the Cascade Mountains of Southwest Washington, they offer world class treatment facilities.

I’m including a link to some free online resources falling in line with useful information I have already posted here on this page. The information is easy to understand and more importantly can be helpful during a critical time in a family life. You’ll also find some great stuff dealing with so many of the other issues that families come across such as; Domestic abuse, LGBTQ issues, Addiction involving Seniors, and many other associated topics.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Resources

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Mentors need help

“coming together is a beginning”
“staying together is progress”
“and working together is success”
Henry Ford

Working with young teens and young adults and everyday people from all walks of life has taught me many things over the years as a Police Officer. Not a single one of us is immune from dealing with issues, obstacles and unanticipated life events. Our children are growing up in a world filed with so many distractions and temptations as well as mixed messages in their day to day lives.

As mentors we work to guide them on roads less bumpy and with a better chance of seeing whats to come around that next corner. Our wisdom is borne of making some of those very same poor choices and by sharing that wisdom can work to help the next generation not make quite so many mistakes.

Please feel free to contact me if you have additional resources you have come across and I will work to share them both here… and for the Facebook page for this site.

I don’t pretend to have all the answers, far from it. but I do challenge myself to share what I have learned and what I have seen in my former career with others. My focus is not to tell others how to do their jobs, or be a better parent, but only offer my own 2 cents worth of wisdom while trying to be a better mentor myself. As the quote from Henry Ford stated above… “Working together is success!”