My Focus

Creating more effective Mentors! Whether you’re a teacher at a school, work for a parenting organization, or less obvious, but equally important, work as a supervisor in a private business Mentoring is so very important.

Treating teenagers, young adults or your recently hired employees as new investment opportunities and not as a burden or hinderance is so very critical to everyone’s bottom line.

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Everyone needs a Mentor

“The greatness of a society is how it treats its most vulnerable”

This quote can been attributed to so many icons of history who all felt the same sentiment about what these words truly mean.

Business, Schools, Organizations and Places of Faith

My message works to re-affirm, re-establish and re-create the importance of effective mentoring . Working to help reduce poor academic performance, dysfunctional home life and productivity and employee turn-over within the work place.

Maybe even work to stem the tide of violence and tragedy in schools and the work place. A bold promise to be sure, but one I firmly believe can happen when each of us treat the other with positivity and a mindset pointed at growth as opposed to being fixed.