4hours4change.com was created to help parents, educators, and any community organizations working with the young teens and adults become more effective in their roles of Mentorship. The importance of Mentorship cannot be underestimated.

The messages are simple and the conversation is real. The role of teachers, counselors, parents and any positive adult role model in the lives of a young person cannot be taken for granted. Those 10! minutes of your time you can give them can be truly life changing

I offer my motivational presentation to those that work with the youngest of us. I’ve authored several small ibooks available on the Apple iBooks store and my first hardcopy ” Make Choices, Not Mistakes! “ to serve as effective guides helping teenagers and young adults how to better navigate the adult world.

The need for positive adult role models in a young persons life is in greater need today than it has ever been. We use to believe parents were the sole responsible party to assume the role of mentorship. However, today parents have to compete with all those digital and societal voices that are competing for their children’s attention.

I speak to any group of individuals , organizations and parental groups who serve our teenagers and young adults. I endeavor to  reaffirm their importance and foster their roles in mentorship. Please feel free to contact me today and arrange for me to inspire your organization today!

Just saw your video and must say I was very impressed with it. Was very informative and at the end I will tell you it left me with wanting to know more about it. It sad what happened to that kid and you’re right not everyone has a family that is supportive or has someone in their life to help them get to the right path. I’m a firm believer in God and believe He places us in certain paths to get us to were we are meant to be.

I had no idea you never wanted to be a cop so hearing about it was clear to me that you were meant to walk and play that role all those years. It prepare you to what is to come which is your passion in life. Sometimes we tend to think of “why am I working here, i didn’t deserve to have that happen, I hate it” but in reality there is a purpose to why you were put there.

I have no doubt that your new career path will be a success. You have great testimonies and just like you use to finger print people for crimes, now you can leave a Devine fingerprint in their hearts in making a difference one person at a time. Keep striving Nef! –

Bea Terie

I just watched the video. Excellent!! I believe that you going and speaking to groups of teachers and administrators could make a huge impacts and hopefully change the mind set of some of these teachers or administrators. You’re exactly correct… just taking the time and listening to that student could make a world of difference and could possibly save their life! I’ve always said, “ you don’t know what that child is going through” 

You’re going to be amazing! These are rough teachers who need an eye opening presentation!!! 

Angelique Ori

Pretty awesome. Very true. I don’t think many people understand the levels of counseling that we do on a regular basis. The paperwork is not the hard part so to speak.. it’s the emotional draining part of it all. We all have that one kid we couldn’t save. I remember his face. So I really think it is important for educators.. counselors.. police officers, to be reminded that the work they do, might be the only chance that some may have.

I really think your honesty is on point. No one wants to hear the reality of it. Everyone just wants easy fixes.

Sonia Arias

Helping to foster the importance of mentorship