” It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men “

Frederick Douglass


Mentorship was created to help parents, educators, and any community organizations working with the young teens and adults become more effective in their roles of Mentorship. The importance of Mentorship cannot be underestimated.

The messages are simple and the conversation is real. The role of teachers, counselors, parents and any positive adult role model in the lives of a young person cannot be taken for granted. Those 10! minutes of your time you can give them can be truly life changing

I offer my motivational presentation to those that work with the youngest of us. I’ve authored several small ibooks available on the Apple iBooks store and my first hardcopy ” Make Choices, Not Mistakes! “ to serve as effective guides helping teenagers and young adults how to better navigate the adult world.

The need for positive adult role models in a young persons life is in greater need today than it has ever been. We use to believe parents were the sole responsible party to assume the role of mentorship. However, today parents have to compete with all those digital and societal voices that are competing for their children’s attention.

I speak to any group of individuals , organizations and parental groups who serve our teenagers and young adults. I endeavor to  reaffirm their importance and foster their roles in mentorship. Please feel free to contact me today and arrange for me to inspire your organization today!

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As a motivational speaker I offer presentations created for Teachers, Counselors, Parents and anyone who finds themselves in the role as a Mentor. We often assume for those of us that carry a label before our name, such as teacher, counselor or like myself, a police officer… should already know how to be a mentor. But, unfortunately I see more “finger wagging” than mentoring take place.

As a retiree from 27 years in Law Enforcement, I am taking full advantage of those years working the streets and learning about the struggles others have to deal with. Taking advantage  of those many years working with people from all walks of life (usually in the worst of circumstances), and sharing my unique approach as a speaker towards being a more effective mentor.

We can all benefit from reminding ourselves, and making that reaffirmation about the importance of being that one single caring adult a young person can look to for guidance.

As a speaker I work to engage my audience with my unique stories and first hand experiences I have gained over 27 years as a street cop. The common universal truths I have always encountered about us as human beings has always struck me as something I know too many of us don’t even realize exists.

“Offering those priceless 10 minutes of your time cannot be taken for granted : )”

I also offer my speaker services for small or large groups of students who may need a dose of life’s reality.  While I try to focus my efforts for those who find themselves at-risk of failing school, I know all teens and young adults can stand to benefit from my self-titled  4hours 4change messages.

Presentation on making school work for you

Once you’ve changed your definition of what school is and can mean for you… the more motivated you can become. It doesn’t have to be something you try and get out of, but a way to get the things in life you’re looking for. Some helpful suggestions to make it all work for you.

Presentation on envy and self respect

Envy, hearsay, being disrespected…have all caused more distractions and issues for teens and young adults whenever and wherever theres more than 2 people in the same room. The sooner you can ignore the noise of others the sooner you’ll be able to focus on what matters most, you!

Presentation on the dangers of substance abuse

Tobacco, vapes, drugs both illegal and prescription are still issues that will lead to unhealthy habits that can last a lifetime. This presentation is simple and filled with common sense, but sometimes being reminded of what you should already know is worth seeing again!

 Alcohol is another substance taken for granted and not being a big deal. However, I can tell you from my own personal experiences as a police officer that the abuse of alcohol always leads to issues. I drink socially and I’m not preaching others to abstain, but I am promoting the responsibility of knowing when, how and where to drink! A simple reminder worth re-telling.

Presentation on education and wants

Young and old we can all agree having and wanting nice things is universal. A nice car, a place to call home and the means to enjoy hanging out with friends is something we all understand. The sooner you make the connection between the knowledge you posses in terms of education and skills with the choices you can have in owning those nice things… the better off you will become.

My Books

Finally making my first hardcopy edition of my book available. I had previously published a series of Apple iBooks and worked to combine those efforts into a single and easy to understand guide created to help young teens and even a young adult on how to navigate the world when they’re feeling not so sure how.

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Available as a Hardcopy or PDF.

I have made this available through my publisher at and you can purchase either the hardcopy version (glossy magazine format) or as a PDF!

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A resource for parents 

Resources for parents and organizations working with teens and young adults
So many questions… where to get help…how to start!

Substances like alcohol, prescription drugs and illegal drugs are a constant temptation for many  teens and adults. While national statistics show a decline in much of their use and abuse in todays world… that doesn’t make it any better for those lives it does touch.

I’ve come across some great resources from and the Partnership for Drug-Free kids.  These resources are available to parents and counselors.   A great start to figure out what needs to be done, and sometimes that can mean saving a life.

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